360° Feedback Survey System Features 360° Feedback Survey System Features

360° Feedback Survey Features

A web based solution that can be accessed from anywhere:

Our survey systems are built using web technologies, this means they can be accessed from anywhere on any device. All you need is an internet connection.

Web Based Survey Solution
Custom Branding on Surveys

Custom surveys designed with your company branding

Your custom surveys can be designed to include your company logo and branding, this will make any survey you conduct using our system appear as your own. So when your employees log-in to complete a survey they will see your own branding within the system.

Manage multiple surveys simultaneously:

Our system is design so you can conduct and manage multiple surveys at the same time. This type of system can allow you to conduct separate surveys on different departments of your organization and manage them all from one place.

Run Multiple Surveys Simultaneously
Invite Staff to complete survey

Invite staff to complete a survey with a simple click of a button:

Getting staff to complete a survey has never been easier. You can easily invite staff members to complete a survey using our simple navigation platform, all done within a few clicks.

Employees can nominate peers to complete a 360 feedback survey on them using a simple feature:

Similar to inviting staff to complete a survey, our system is designed to make it easier for each individual employee to nominate peers who will complete surveys on them. Our simplistic navigation and effective system will make completing and getting 360 feedback surveys a breeze.

Nominate Peers for 360 Surveys
Custom Survey Design Solutions

Use custom email messages for invites & reminders:

You can customizes email messages that are automatically sent by the system. So have your own custom reminder emails and invite emails which will then be used by the system when sending automated emails, for instance when you invite a person to complete a survey.

Download survey reports as required:

Survey reports can be downloaded whenever you please with a simple click of a button. Survey reports can be organized and prepared as requested by you in PDF format or a simple CSV data file can be downloaded whenever you please.

Survey Reports and Survey Design